Welcome to MMResearch™

We are in the business of discovery - we uncover the information that you need to make sound decisions at your company or organisation.

We are experienced and passionate practitioners of marketing and community research. We work for a broad range of clients, both in the public and private sectors, including not-for-profit organisations. We take particular pride in developing and conducting customised research programmes to suit our clients' specific needs.

Over the years we have taken a special interest in market research for the building and construction industry in New Zealand. We have conducted research with builders, customers of builders, suppliers to the building and construction sector and building sector regulatory organisations. You could say that we have become experts in providing market research services to the building and construction sector in New Zealand.

We are also recognised as specialists in research for Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) and have a deep understanding of the motivators and drivers of apprentices and trainees as well as their employers in the New Zealand trade sectors. We now conduct market research for the majority of ITOs in New Zealand.

We are known for providing outstanding customer service and we work very hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. We enjoy what we do! Please take a good look around to find out more about us and the tools we use.


MMResearch™ proudly sponsors Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). CPAG is an independent charity working to eliminate child poverty in New Zealand through research, education and advocacy. In a country like New Zealand, with ample resources, child poverty could be eliminated completely.  Its all about choice.

Everyone agrees children need the right conditions to grow into healthy adults.  Children thrive when they have the basics: nutritious food; a warm, safe home; medical attention if they are sick and a good education.  Sadly, too many children in New Zealand don’t have the basics.

CPAG works to protect children from needless poverty, because a child’s potential is a terrible thing to waste.

The oMMniBuild™ , oMMnibus™, MMysteryShop™ and MMDashboard™ brands are owned by MMResearch™.