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Client Feedback

Kate Thompson - Communications Manager (Marketing & Communications), Competenz

We partner with MMResearch™ to gain monthly feedback from our employers and apprentices. The MMResearch™ team are professional, approachable and thorough. They’ve put a lot of effort into understanding our business and developing tools which make it easy to communicate the results of our research.


Andrew Robertson - Marketing and Communications Manager, Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO)

BCITO has been using MMResearch™ on various projects. Most recently, they’ve been handling our customer research which involves gathering data on clients at various stages of their lifecycle. The team at  MMResearch™ is always proactive and works to a high standard. We look forward to working with them more in the future.

Mark Williams - Manager, Insight and Innovation, Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO)

BCITO has been using MMResearch™ on various projects over 10 years. Most recently, they won an RFP to continue handling our customer research which involves gathering data on customers at various stages of their lifecycle. The team at MMResearch™ is proactive and their reports insightful. We look forward to working with them using the updated MMDashboard™ in the future.

Michael Harvey - Client Insights Manager, FMG

As a highly-valued research partner, MMResearch™ has always been to the fore as one of our most preferred and reliable research providers.  Since 2010 they have ably assisted FMG with a wide range of our research needs - all designed to help us better understand the NZ rural insurance market.

The MMResearch™ team has always been highly approachable; professional; extremely easy to work with and most importantly have provided valuable feedback and actionable insights - often in very short time frames - that we have successfully used to improve our business and improve the life of our clients.


David Cunningham - CEO, The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank has used MMResearch™ for many years across a variety of research projects ranging from Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Shopping through to bespoke research and analysis.  The MMResearch™ team engage exceptionally well to understand our needs, challenge our thinking and bring fresh ideas for getting the best value possible from our research investment.   A recent example has been the design and launch of a Customer Voice program that gathers near real time feedback from our customers in relation to a recent sales interaction.  MMResearch™ was able to design and implement this solution within 4 weeks. The analysis and reporting of results through a dynamic dashboard is available daily to our Frontline Managers.  The data and insights presented enables us to track the quality of these interactions, coach our staff and supports us to deliver exceptional customer service.  We view MMResearch™ as a valuable partner supporting us in achieving our goals in an ever-changing environment.


Sheridan Bruce – Strategic Partnerships and Communications Manager, Water Safety New Zealand

Water Safety New Zealand has engaged MMResearch™ to conduct three annual public surveys to understand better people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour around water and water safety. In addition, MMResearch™ has performed specific campaign surveys to test performance and awareness of our work. The MM team, not only conduct these surveys with professionalism and efficiency, but they also help develop insights from the data and contribute to applying these insights to inform our future campaigns and projects. They take a real interest in our work and our cause and are very much part of the water safety team.


Duncan Ferner - Secretariat Manager, New Zealand Search and Rescue

MMResearch™ have undertaken student surveys of Search and Rescue Training for the New Zealand Search and Rescue Secretariat over the last three years. The Secretariat supports the NZSAR Council to provide strategic leadership to the New Zealand Search and Rescue Sector. We help to improve the overall coordination, cohesion, capability and leadership of search and rescue by working alongside the key organisations and individuals providing search and rescue services throughout New Zealand.

Our volunteers invest considerable time in their training. It is important that we know that the training they receive is up to standard and meets the needs of the sector. The surveys undertaken by MMResearch™ provide a rich source of informative reporting giving us assurance that our training is meeting this need. The team at MMResearch™ engage efficiently and effectively to understand our requirements, delivering quality reports.

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