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Online surveys (eSurvey™)

The MMResearch™ eSurvey™ is a tried and proven research tecnique using the latest in electronic technology. An online survey returns much faster results and can be more cost-effective than other survey techniques - provided that the sample population is large and a clean and up-to-date database of email addresses is available.

Response rates for online surveys are typically higher than for postal and telephone surveys and administration costs are generally lower (i.e., survey reminders can be sent out easily via email).

We routinely use the professional version of SurveyMonkey and we have acquired the latest upgrades to provide the most flexible design features for our online surveys.

Should a contact list with email addresses not be available - typically in situations when we do an online survey of the general public - we use the fieldwork services of an online panel provider. Online panel providers have developed large lists of people with email addresses and who have agreed to take part in online surveys from time to time. At MMResearch™ we only work with panel providers who limit their activities to market research fieldwork and are not engaged in direct marketing activities.

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