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PSIS selects MMResearch™ as its preferred marketing research provider

MEDIA RELEASE: 18 December 2015

In a desire to get the most out of their market research, PSIS "went to the market" in search of a market research company that has the ability and resources to manage all external marketing research projects for the financial services provider.

PSIS did their homework. First they sourced a list of potential research companies from a variety of sources including: companies they had worked with in the past, recommendations from other industry related people and the internet. They were clearly looking for a company that had similar values to their own and that would go beyond just supplying marketing research; they wanted a company to partner with at a strategic level.

Upon completing and evaluating the list of possible research companies, PSIS invited four research companies to meet with them and provide input into the development of the research brief. Subsequent to this meeting PSIS prepared a brief and invited the companies to prepare and present a partnership proposal to them. The whole process was thorough and very professional, but no less demanding on both sides. Eventually, MMResearch™ was selected as the preferred partner.

PSIS selects MMResearch™ as its preferred marketing research provider

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