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About Us

MMResearch™, based in Wellington New Zealand, has been providing research solutions for almost 18 years. We have a team of talented in-house professionals, complemented by a network of independent marketing and community research specialists, who work together as a team.

We make it our business to find the best talent available. Depending on the nature of the project, we bring together the required skill sets and conduct our research projects with a degree of professionalism rarely matched. We are able to work on any scale of project through our strategic partnerships with specialist resource providers.

Theo Muller is the Principal of MMResearch™. Apart from taking a hands-on role in most projects, he is a talent scout. Theo knows that only top people deliver top results. Meet some of our top people - they have proven expertise in marketing and community research.

MMResearch™ has specialised in the Industry Training Sector of New Zealand having developed a thorough understanding of the dynamics between learners/trainees/apprentices and their employers. MMResearch™ now conducts research for the majority of Industry Training Organisations or ITOs in New Zealand.

Over the years, MMResearch™ has also specialised in market research for the building and construction industry. We have conducted research with builders, customers of builders, suppliers to the building sector, building sector regulatory organisations as well as organisations involved in training and learning for the building industry. Additionally, we have increased our market research focus into the banking, insurance and public safety sectors.

In April 2018, MMResearch™ released its latest product, MMVoice™ - an alternative to the traditional dashboard and cost-effective approach to capturing customer voice. It empowers businesses to act immediately on customer feedback by connecting to a live survey, processing the data in real-time and displaying the latest results in the form of interactive infographics and tables.

In 2012, MMResearch™ launched oMMniBuild™ - an inexpensive quarterly online survey of licensed builders in New Zealand. oMMniBuild™ provides a unique opportunity to obatain a builder's perspective of everything that goes on in the building and construction industry in New Zealand.

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