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What is a dashboard?

Understandably, we immediately think of our car when thinking of a dashboard. Looking over the steering wheel at our dashboard, we see at a glance all the key functions of our vehicle. The fuel gauge tells us how much is in the tank. The speedo tells us how fast we are travelling, the tachometer (rev-counter) shows the rotation speed of the shaft in the engine. There is often a battery gauge, a gauge measuring the water temperature and the various warning lights come on when a door is not properly closed or our seatbelts not fastened. In other words the dashboard provides a quick and easy overview of key functions all in one place.

When it comes to measuring key performance indicators in business, the analogy with a vehicle dashboard is most appropriate; putting all the key measures in one place for easy viewing. MMDashboard™ is based on the same principle; showing all key information in one place.

However, we have gone one step further. MMDashboard™ is interactive, which means that the data in the dashboard can be interrogated or filtered to suit the user’s specific requirements. The Sales Manager will be looking for different information from our research than the Brand Manager. Market share information is high on the priority list for the Marketing Manager while Branch Managers want to drill deep for branch-specific data and the HR or Training Manager will be interested in looking for differences in service delivery by demographics. In other words MMDashboard™ opens up the research to a much wider audience than would be possible from a static written report. Not only that; the information is instantly available at the click of the mouse – simple as that.

The best way to use MM

Reporting on research findings has come a long way; from printed pages created on a type writer, hand-drawn charts on an overhead projector to a Word document, a PDF file, a PowerPoint presentation and now MMDashboard™, thereby improving the value of the research to the client along the way.

If you are the person who commissioned the research, we will make MMDashboard™ available to you. In turn you give access to the dashboard to your colleagues in the organisation. Each one of them will filter the data by a simple click of the mouse relevant to their team and take out the learnings that enable them to do a better job.

What some of our clients have said about MMDashboard

I’ve accessed the dashboard. Very impressive! I found it very intuitive. It will become a great tool for when I start extracting data for planning.  Really happy with this.

Andrew Robertson

Marketing & Communications Manager

BCITO – Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation

MMDashboard™ is a fantastic tool to provide our Branch Managers and their teams details of the research results for their branch.  It’s enabling them to easily compare results between different research periods, and drill down into comments from customers to better understand what the branch team should do differently, as well as what to do to keep doing well.  Everyone has found it really easy to use, it beats wading through pages of paper reports, and it’s far more environmentally friendly!

David Cunningham,

General Manger Customer Banking,

The Co-operative Bank

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