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MMVoice™ - Capturing the Voice of the Customer

MMVoice™ is a way for businesses to capture the experience of their customers. It can be used to empower businesses to provide the best in class service and products. Brian from the MMResearch™ team takes you through an overview of how MMVoice™ works.

What is MMVoice™?

MMVoice™ is a fully-customised, interactive dashboard that connects to a live survey, processes the data and presents the latest responses to the user. It is the latest product offered by MMResearch™ that focuses on capturing the Voice of the Customer.

It provides real-time feedback from a live survey about where customers and/or staff currently stand. This feedback can empower management to act immediately on any issues, understand individuals’ needs, wishes, and contain customer attrition.

 Why use MMVoice™?

MMVoice™ offers major benefits to clients:

  • Real-time feedback from surveys – the voices of current customers and/or staff
  • Facilitates immediate intervention of any ‘red-flag’ issues
  • Customised charts and tables - information can be displayed how you want it
  • Slice the data – filter your data however you want
  • Cost-effective way to analyse your customer or staff feedback
  • Share it seamlessly across the organisation with proper access controls
  • Involve customers and staff in the process by getting their input into possible solutions
  • See your customers’ comments through Comment Explorer functionality
  • Integrate multiple surveys within a single dashboard

MMVoice™ Mock-ups

Response Overview

Comment Explorer

MMVoice™ Released

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